How To Overcome The Spirit Of Fear

In the beginning, fear did not exist. But after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, fear entered them (Genesis 3:10). And today, we’ve all been afraid of at least one thing in our lives.

Fear has spread all over the world and the media are not helping us. The news we hear every day on TV, on the radio is mostly bad news, negative news that injects fear into listeners – news of murders, burglaries, disasters, wars, famines, etc.

The statistics which are published in the developed countries in particular, and which people follow closely – statistics on the progression of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, crime, delinquency, unemployment, etc. – push the people to be afraid, to be constantly stressed, worried.

 Even in countries where there are no wars, people are afraid…because of the pressure from the media and what is happening in their environment.fear is everywhere families are destroyed because of fear.


Everyone is afraid or has been afraid of at least one thing in their life: fear of failing, fear of not being accepted by a group of people, fear of failing their exams, fear of not being liked, fear the gaze of others, fear of being judged, fear of “what will people say”, fear of being misunderstood, fear of daring new things, fear of going against the tide, fear of opposition, fear of criticism, fear of being jealous, fear of being proud, fear of being frowned upon, fear of unemployment, fear of being robbed, fear of losing property, fear of losing money, fear that ‘a war arises, fear of dying of AIDS, fear of waking up one morning with an incurable disease, fear of losing his wife, fear of losing his husband, fear of discomfort, fear that the children cannot eat,Many go to marabouts, to esoteric circles, enter occultism simply because they are afraid. Some are afraid of God.

They do not support the presence of God and oppose Him. They take refuge in these circles which will eventually destroy them. Besides, it is foolish to ask the one who torments people with fear – the enemy – to protect you from what you are afraid of! No ring, no amulet, no bracelet, no potion can protect you. If you are not connected to the Holy Spirit, if He is not in you then you will not be protected!We are at war and one of the enemy’s weapons is the weapon of fear.

He uses it to paralyze the people of God. Some in the Church, in addition to the fears I just mentioned above, are afraid of God, afraid of being intimate with Him, afraid of opening up to Him, afraid of letting go, afraid of failing, afraid of harm. to do, afraid that God will ask them to do something that they don’t want to do… And suddenly they remain in the background, they don’t manage to go in depth with God.

It is the spirit of fear that operates. The spirit of fear wants to make slaves of us because the one who is afraid is paralyzed and cannot operate in the dimension that God has planned for him/her . By means of fear, the enemy makes real what is unreal through our thoughts and does everything to control us, to paralyze us. Fear is negative faith.

The spirit of fear uses our 5 senses to hold us captive to fear. Fear often comes from the things we see (someone, something, a movie, circumstances…). Just as faith comes from the Word of God that we hear (Romans 10:17), fear also enters us through the things we hear that cause us to feel insecure… It can also seep into us. in us by what we taste, what we smell.What I fear is what is happening to me; What I dread is what gets to me. (Job 3:25).

Job 3:25 shows us that we must not tolerate cohabitation with the spirit of fear because its purpose is to bring paralysis into God’s plans for our lives and activate Satan’s agenda in our lives: theft, destruction, communion with Satan (and therefore all that is in him).How to overcome fear?If the expression “fear not” appears approximately 365 times in the Bible, it is because God wants us to be completely free from fear!

To conquer fear, one must know the Nature, the Greatness, the Majesty, the Authority and the Power of Him who said : “ Do not be afraid, for I am with you; Do not cast worried eyes, for I am your God; I strengthen you, I come to your aid, I support you with my triumphant right hand. » Isaiah 41:10.

Realize that God dwells within you, that He is WITH you, every moment ! Be aware of His presence. Of course, this reality is only true for those who have given their life to Jesus Christ and therefore have made peace with God. Have you received Christ into your life? Otherwise receive him now to find out what He has done for you and experience a radical transformation of your life .

To overcome fear, one must develop the habit of worship and gratitude to God.

To overcome fear, we must go to meet the One who is Author and Consumer of faith, Jesus Christ, the Word of God. It takes time to meditate on the Word of God . Reading is important and allows us to have a global knowledge of the Bible.

To overcome fear, you must make a habit of regularly meditating on the words of the Bible, to receive the rhema of God and learn to confess them, to proclaim them when a thought of fear comes into your mind.

Do you have intimacy with God (i.e. set aside time daily to pray and meditate on the Word of God? Do you read your Bible regularly? Do you meditate, study the Word of God regularly? Do you know what God says about you , about what He has done for you and where He has placed you, what He says about the situation that terrifies you?

May God help us to grow in the knowledge of Himself and of what He has made of us and of what He has given us in Christ! Amen!


Daniel Inyang

Daniel Inyang is a young Gospel Minister aimed at impacting and educating life's with the Word Of God through the internet.

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