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How To (Begin To) Train A Disciple?

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Today we’ll be enlightening you on how to begin or go about training disciples.

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Choose someone

Our time is limited and we cannot keep up with everyone. We must then make choices, even if it seems difficult. Otherwise, we risk not following anyone in the end. It obviously starts with prayer. We’ve also listed 9 (amazing) factors to consider when choosing who to train.


1. Family member

God has given us a special responsibility for our family members ( 1 Tim 5:8 ). Our discipleship should begin there.


2. Spiritual state

Dever reminds us that we must evangelize our non-Christian friends. But that it is useless to accompany them as if they were disciples ( 1 Cor 2.14 ).


3. Members of the Church

Discipleship works best in the context of the local church (Dever explains this in Chapter 5). It is up to the local church to train disciples.


4. Between people of the same sex

The Bible is clear about discipleship in the Church ( Titus 2:3-4 ).


5. The question of age

Naturally, we would tend to accompany and train a younger person. But Scripture shows us that this is not a rule and that an elder can grow in contact with younger ones ( 1 Tim 4.12 ; 5.1 ).


6. Different from us

We are more easily attracted to people who are like us. But choosing someone different can help you grow and reflect the diversity of the body of Christ ( Eph 2.18 ).


7. It has to be teachable

Being teachable is the basis of discipleship ( Ps 25.9 ; Pr 11.2 ). We want to accompany the one who can be taught, and remain teachable ourselves.


8. Our goal: multiplication

We want to accompany everyone, but especially those who will in turn make disciples.


9. Proximity and timing

It’s a question of wisdom: it’s easier to find someone whose schedule can match ours. Sometimes God will put someone in our way on a different schedule. But the Bible asks us to be thoughtful in our time management.


Have clear goals

Once the person has been chosen, you have to know how to accompany him. Dever advises to always keep two things in mind: think about what people understand and how they live.

Help people better understand

Our goal is to help people grow in the knowledge of Christ through the Word of God. If we want to see people obey Christ, we must first teach his Word. Dever suggests the following scheme: Life -> Truth -> Life. “People should be drawn to our life, our teaching should work for their transformation, and their transformed life should reflect our teaching and in turn attract people who will want to listen to them. (psalm 84)

Help people live better

Knowing God changes our way of life ( Gal 4.9 ), because we want to imitate the one we follow. Moreover, to want the other to imitate us must have for goal that he imitates Christ ( 1 Cor 11.1 ).

In fact, making disciples comes very close to our motto: “See as God sees to live as God wills.” »

“Really, the ‘how’ of discipleship isn’t that complicated. It is simply living together and sharing our journey to Christ. (psalm. 86)

And you, who are you going to follow?


Daniel Inyang

Daniel Inyang is a young Gospel Minister aimed at impacting and educating life's with the Word Of God through the internet.

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