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Difference Between A Christian And A Believer

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Today we will be enlightening you on the difference between a Christian and a Believer please stay tuned.


A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. He bases his Christian life by taking his Master as a model, the difficulties will fall on him, the persecutions will arrive but he will not shake because he built his life on the rock ( Matthew 7:21-28 ) whereas a believer simply believes in the existence of God. He is like a whitewashed tomb, a friend of the church ( Acts 2:46). The latter is comparable to a person who built his house on the sand, he abandons Christ when he is confronted with difficulties and persecutions.

Here are some differences between a Christian and a believer  


  •  A Christian is a disciple of Jesus. He learns, applies and obeys the commandments of Christ in order to prove by his actions that he has truly internalized what he has learned. ( Matthew 18: 19-20 ) while a believer believes in the existence of God and Jesus.


  • A believer prays when he does not know what to do while the Christian takes pleasure in praying ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 ) and asks for the will of God.


  •  The believer always justifies his sins but the Christian humbles himself and repents.


  • A believer reads the Bible when everything goes wrong, but a Christian regularly feeds on the word of God.


  •  A believer twists the meaning of the Bible while a Christian conforms to the word. (Psalm 51)


  •  A believer goes to church every Sunday out of religiosity but a Christian takes the church for his home. ( Acts 2:46 ).


  •  A believer seeks by different means to serve God but a Christian puts himself at the service of God.

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