6 truths to encourage us on our way to sanctification

The road to sanctification, from our regeneration to our glorification, is long and often winding. We then need signposts, which remind us of the truths which encourage us in our walk.

Here are 6 truths that I hope will be an encouragement in your walk with the Lord.


1. God has a purpose

God has a purpose for our life: that we be holy and without blemish before him ( Eph 1.4 ) and celebrate the glory of his grace ( Eph 1.6 ). But God’s goal is also the end he intends for us. Those whom he predestined to be like the image of his Son, he will keep until eternal glory ( Rom 8:29-30 ). God’s purpose is for us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, becoming more and more like him, knowing that after trials will come glory.


2. Trials have meaning

We live in a fallen world and trials are normal. They are the sign of a world marked by corruption ( Rom 8.20-21 ). The trials are real, and they are hard. They underline the absurdity of sin and its consequences. But for the Christian, they are neither vain nor eternal. Trials are a crucible through which God passes us to purify our faith ( 1 Pet 1:6-7 ). God prunes us so that we bear more fruit ( Jn 15 :2 ). They are an opportunity to cry out to God and to experience the God of providence in a particular way; he who conducts everything according to his will and in accordance with his designs.


3. God acts and helps us

The trials are real, they do not escape the sovereignty of God, but they remain no less painful. If God has not promised to deliver us from all the trials, he has promised to accompany us in all our trials. Jesus can help us because he knows what we are going through. Then we can approach the throne of grace with boldness ( Hebrews 4: 15-16 ). God is neither a stranger to our trials nor passive in our suffering. By his Spirit, he strengthens us and acts in us. We can count on his help. He gives us what he asks of us.


4. God is powerful and faithful

What God has done in the past is a powerful encouragement for the present. In the history of Israel, the people were often reminded of the mighty deeds of the Lord. It was always the occasion to recall the power of the God who had delivered them. But also the opportunity to remember that God is faithful to his promises. He is the one who does what he says. He is faithful to his covenant and none of his promises remains without effect. It is the same in our lives: what God has promised for his children, he does not abandon.


5. I am responsible

God works with power in the lives of his children. But his action also passes through our obedience. We need to put our salvation into action, because it is God who works in us to will and to do ( Phil 2:12-13 ).


6. God uses ordinary means of grace

To nourish our faith and make us grow in his grace, God uses ordinary means. In our Church, we like to remember that God uses three main means (3Ps): the Word, prayer and people. God’s change is by God’s means. It would be fruitless to want to change without using the means that God has chosen and given to us. The dynamic of change is then inscribed in the path of the disciple and in his community life. God works our hearts every time we read or hear His Word, every time we pray, and every time we experience fellowship. It is together that we grow in maturity ( Eph 4.15-16 ).

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