5 Disadvantages Of Sex Before Marriage

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Well, it Is not suprizing to know that 65% of singles involve in sex before marriage only very few don’t.

This may be because of their uncontrollable desire for sex, but before you involve in such I will like you to know the disadvantages and that is exactly what I will be talking about today and afterward, I will leave the decision for you to choose wisely.

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In case you have forgotten “Sex before marriage” is called immorality or fornication and no one who practices such act can ever see the “KINGDOM OF GOD” if you are practicing such you are risking your life and gambling your life with the devil, in simple term you are in “DANGER OF HELL”.

Do you prefer few hours pleasure to eternal damnation in “HELL” well, think about it an am sure that after thinking you will flee sex before marriage!!!


Without much talking I believe you already have a picture of what this means, well, in case you don’t, sex before marriage can lead to unwanted pregnancy and this can cause you to involve in terible things like “ABORTION” hmmm, incase you have forgotten abortion is muder, i mean muder so if you don’t want the blood of an innocent child to be on your head then don’t involve in sex before marriage.

Apart from that do you know unwanted pregnancy can destroy your destiny??, take for instance, you dreamt of becomming the best female lawyer in your generation and God helped you to get to the university and afterward you involved in sex before marriage and got pregnant, because of the pregnancy you couldn’t continue with your studies and you became a school dropout. My question is, what about that great dream??? will it just be a waste like that???, hmmm.

Another instance is as a young man you dreamt of having a great and wonderful family then all of a sudden you were tempted by a local girl in your area who is known for seduction and you fell for lust, you slept with her, got her pregnant and was later forced to marry her.

Now tell me will your life every remain the same???.


The pride of a woman/man is virginity and as a woman once you have sex before marriage in any relationship then your value drops you become a utilized commodity which is termed useless.

Lets take for instance you were eager to use an iPhone, you finally got the opportunity to use an iPhone, you used it and over used it until you were tired and you saw a better phone, let’s call it Samsung, you had more than enough capacity to use a Samsung phone, you now dumped the iPhone and started using Samsung.

In the illustration below the iPhone represents a girl who exposed her self to sex before marriage, she was used and used and the man who she taught will marry her later saw another beautiful lady which was more beautiful than she was, the beautiful lady the man saw represents the Samsung phone, he then left the girl who he had over used and went for the other.


When you involve in sex before marriage with the intent that your fiancee will marry you later then you are risking your destiny, humans can change at any time so please don’t risk your destiny.

Giving your fiancee sex is not a guarantee that you guys will marry, if someone truly loves you then sex can not be a limitation, so use your head.


According to the book of 2Samuel chapter 13, the bible talked of Tamar and Ammon, Ammon was desperately in love with Tamar his half sister to the point that he became ill,Tamar was a virgin and it seemed impossible that he could ever fulfill his love for her, to cut the story short, Ammon successfully slept with Tamar and immediately he slept with Tamar he developed hatred for her.

After going through the 5 disadvantages of sex before marriage i am now leaving the choice to you.

A word is enough for the Wise!!!


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