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3 Problems Marriage Can’t Solve

Welcome To This Blog Today We Will Be Updating You On 3 PROBLEMS MARRIAGE CAN’T SOLVE Please Stay Tuned

 3 Problems Marriage Can’t Solve



Many Individuals thinks going into marriage will make them matured, they just one to bear the name father, mother or elder. This is an unreasonable act.

Maturity is not all about marriage, you can be single and yet mature, infact, I have seen a lot of singles teaching married couples about marriage, that is maturity.

Marriage has a lot of responsibility, so if you are not ready for those responsibilities then do not marry untill you are prepared and ready.


2. Sexual desire/urge:

Many go into marriage because of their uncontrollable desire for sex, if you go into marriage because of this there is 100% possibility that you will turn your partner into a sex slave.

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls (Proverbs 25:28 ESV)

imagine marrying a man who is like a city broken into and left without walls then your family will be totally ruin!!!.

Note: For every addiction and urge there is a spirit involve either good or bad, so you better handle the spirit of sexual desire and urge before it destroys you!!!


3. Satisfy/Please Parent:

One of the worst mistake one can make is to marry just to please His/Her parent. When a marriage is not approve by God or when the marriage was rushed an one or both of the couples were not prepared or when the marriage was done by force it then will definitely crash except on some occasions.

Marrying to please your parent is stupidity of the highest other so better re-think before you act.

If you are a parent please dont force your child into marriage when the child is not ready and dont force your child to marry who He/She dosen’t love. Thank You


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