20 Words Of Wisdom And Their Meaning

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There’s a saying that what an elderly sits and see’s even if you climb the tallest tree you won’t see.

Sounds funny right ???,

Yea, today we have listed out some parables/words of wisdom and their meaning.

So you won’t get suprize whenever you hear an elderly say it.


1. The Lizard that nod it’s head for the downfall of it’s colleagues will die of stiff neck.

MEANING: He that plan evil will reap evil.

2. That the tiger prows along quietly does not mean it is timid

MEANING: Stop Judging people by their faces because, you do not know their inner mind.

3. A needle is small but it draws blood when you step on it.

MEANING: Do not judge things/people by their sizes because some things appear small but they are very dangerous.

4. They monkey that wants to see the hunters face will one day receive a bullet in it’s face.

MEANING: Avoid trouble as soon as you sense it.

5. It is ignorance that makes the rat to call a cat for a battle.

MEANING: What you do not know will land you into trouble, so avoid assumption.

6. New broom sweeps clean but, old one knows the corners.

MEANING: Experience is the best teacher.

7. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

MEANING: The bigger the head the bigger the headache

8. The one that beats a drum for a mad man is not better than the mad man.

MEANING: Any who encourages evil is an evil person.

9. Kola-nut last long in the mouth of those who know it’s value.

MEANING: You use what you value.

10. The nodding of a lizard does not mean all is well with it.

MEANING: Most people appear happy but have many problems bothering them.

11. All that glitter is not gold.

MEANING: Bad things/people that appear to be good are dangerous

12. He that drags a goat into a market square must enter the market

MEANING: Anyone who puts someone in trouble will surely enter that trouble

13. Procrastination is a grave in which opportunities are buried.

MEANING: Many people have miss their chance of success because of postponement.

14. When a Lizard falls from the top of an irhoko tree and it does not see any one that congratulate it, it nods it’s head in congratulation.

MEANING: Learn to appreciate yourself

15. When a bird perches on a rope, neither the bird nor the rope will be at rest.

MEANING: He who says his neighbour will not have rest, shall not have rest either.

16. The slow movement of a tiger is not a mistake but a calculated accuracy.

MEANING: Humility is not foolishness but the perfect way of being the best person.

17. The old age of Methuselah has nothing to do with the wisdom of Solomon.

MEANING: Age doesn’t determine maturity.

18. The axe that contends with the rock for battle will face a blunt edge.

MEANING: Any creature that tries to outweigh the creator will be brought totally to ruin.

19. Untill the rotten tooth is pulled out, the mouth must chew with caution.

MEANING: The fact that ones speech has not put him into trouble does not mean one should not control his tongue.

20. One good turn deserves another.

MEANING: Kindly pay back by sharing this post to friends and families.

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